About the CrisisCamper

The CrisisCamper Tour is a CrisisCamp project hosted by CrisisCamp cities Seattle, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles to promote engagement between local technology communities and emergency management as well as to encourage technology volunteerism and digital preparedness. During this tour, volunteers, many of whom are emergency management practitioners themselves, will be hosting learning sessions for State and local emergency management officials and building bridges between their communities and their local technology community. The tour will provide learning opportunities and act as a catalyst to for emergency management practitioners to engage with their local technology communities to enhance local capability and capacity for disaster preparedness and response.
Tour Dates
You can follow the tour online here at as well as on the CrisisCamper Twitter feed @crisiscamper and Facebook. 


  • Pascal Schuback, CrisisCamp Seattle: pascal (at) or @schuback
  • Heather Blanchard, CrisisCommons, heather (at) or 703-593-3823
Updated 9/22