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How to rebuild and recover in Haiti

An architectural nonprofit organization, Common Studio @ commonstudio.org, and professor and students at the College of Architecture plus Planning, University of Utah @ arch.utah. edu will bring design and engineering solutions to the people and nonprofits working on the ground of Haiti. If you know of any organization that is in need, please let me […]

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Need mappers for an emergency water pipeline project for Carrefour

Hi all, We are designing and will set up a rapid deploy water system for Carrefour, then oe Port au Prince, if we get backing. Need data on water flows south of Carrefour in the Frorse and Momance Rivers, and the elevation at the Momance due south of Carrefour, and of the dividing ridge. This […]

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NPR’s KCLU Coverage of Crisis Camp

NPR affiliate KCLU did a piece on Crisis Camp on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. We’ve embedded the story below. NPR KCLU Piece on Crisis Camp Los Angeles

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