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Sandy CrisisCamp

Do you want to help with Sandy response? Come design, code, and learn with other people this weekend at a CrisisCamp! (check out the wiki page for collaboration) Here’s how you can get involved if you are a: Volunteer that can attend in person: If you would like to attend a CrisisCamp in person, please […]

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CrisisCommons Interim Governance Introduction

We’ve been getting some questions over at the governance committee about our current activities. People have stepped up to help us with our tasks and offer their input and experience from other ventures to assist us. Our committee consists of David Black, Pascal Schuback, Aaron Huslage, Jeannie Stamberger, and Willow Brugh.We are pleased that people are showing interest […]

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Notice: Christchurch earthquake map to no longer be maintained as of March 11

Below is an announcement from CrisisCampNZ about the group’s decision to no longer maintain/update the main Christchurch Recovery Map website as of March 11: As things in Christchurch begin to switch from ‘response’ mode to ‘recovery’ mode, we have consulted with people on the ground in Christchurch on the future of the eq.org.nz site. Given […]

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Monitoring 7.7 Earthquake off coast of Sumatra

UPDATE: The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has cancelled the tsunami warning. According to the USGS, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake just struck off the coast of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Crisis Commons volunteers are monitoring the situation and are ready to offer our assistance if needed. Please follow our Twitter account and the Twitter hashtag #crisiscamp […]

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Afternoon Checkpoint at CrisisCamp DC: Bootstrapping and Tackling

As has been the case at each of these events, the rooms of volunteers are rich with quiet, intense conversation punctuated by the tapping of keys and familiar pulse of Tweetdeck notifications. Ushahidi in Chile and populating the People Finder After hours of work, each of the project managers at Crisis Camp DC reported on […]

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11 AM conference call for Crisis Camps around the country

Later in the morning, after the kickoff for Crisis Camp DC, volunteers gathered for a conference call to connect efforts across North America and beyond. The World Bank’s Joaquim Toro offered a briefing on Chile, which experienced a serious earthquake in the early hours of the morning. “This is basically the opposite of what we saw […]

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Kicking off Crisis Camp DC: Helping Haiti, Watching Chile [February 27, 2009]

Once again, developers, geospational engineers and online media professionals have come together to work on crisis response applications. Today at the World Bank in Washington, dozens of volunteers are now at work at Crisis Camp DC. They’ll be working on finishing projects that have been created since the first Crisis Camp in January at the […]

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How to rebuild and recover in Haiti

An architectural nonprofit organization, Common Studio @ commonstudio.org, and professor and students at the College of Architecture plus Planning, University of Utah @ arch.utah. edu will bring design and engineering solutions to the people and nonprofits working on the ground of Haiti. If you know of any organization that is in need, please let me […]

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BBC World News Talks To Crisis Commons’ Noel Dickover

BBC World News talked to Crisis Common’s Co-founder Noel Dickover earlier today about the Crisis Common community’s response to the Haiti earthquake. Please click on the link below to listen to the piece: Listen to BBC World News Coverage of Crisis Commons’ Haiti Response

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NPR’s KCLU Coverage of Crisis Camp

NPR affiliate KCLU did a piece on Crisis Camp on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. We’ve embedded the story below. NPR KCLU Piece on Crisis Camp Los Angeles

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