More on the recent CrisisCamp Italia

The following is a guest post from Francesco Ciriaci on the recent CrisisCamp held in Bologna, Italy in March and the discussions that followed among crisiscampers in that country. Italian Campers joining the conversation The first Italian #SMEM Camp The first Italian Camp on Social Media in Emergency Management took place in Bologna, on the 17th […]

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New documents uploaded to the CrisisCommons Wiki page

The Interim Management Team of CrisisCommons strongly believes in transparency and openness. For this reason, about a dozen documents have been uploaded to the Wiki page and made available to the community.  Look on the main page under “CrisisCommons Interim Management Team and Community Documents.” The documents are divided in three categories: strategic planning, grant […]

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What happened at this weekend’s CrisisCamp Ireland

Solidifying CrisisCommons’ presence oversees … The view from Ireland, courtesy of Evert Bopp (@thenext100k) on Twitter. His debrief of the work accomplished …

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CrisisCamp Italy: bridging gaps between VTCs and the authorities

I had the great pleasure of having a skype chat with Francesco Ciriaci, co-founder of CrisisCamp Italy and organizer of an upcoming forum on social media in emergency management (SMEM) at CrisisCamp Italia 2012 on March 17 in Bologna. Francesco is a leader in the use of emerging technologies by volunteers in disasters in the […]

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CrisisCamp Italia and the exploration of social media in emergency management (SMEM)

Our Italian colleagues are holding their second CrisisCamp in Bologna on March 17, 2012. The day will be marked by an exploration of the growing trend toward the use of social media in emergency management. The SMEM community is nothing new for CrisisCommons as we have sponsored and organized many meetings on this topic in […]

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Another article on the role of VTCs in emergencies

A great piece from Emergency Management Magazine with a focus on CrisisCommons.

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Great article about what we do and CrisisCamp Ireland

Great work from our Irish and European colleagues in promoting their work. Their contributions to humanitarian assistance and readiness to help when disasters strike is featured in a very positive light. Congrats Evert! Here’s a link to the story:

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Severe Weather Slams Europe. A Request for Help.

Severe weather slams Europe … The Balkans are particularly affected.  Here’s a summary from the Associated Press via the Washington Post. The Al-Jazeera network is asking our colleagues from the Standby Task Force for their deployment in the Balkans for the snow/cold emergency.  Here are a couple of stories from the network on the ongoing emergency: […]

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An Open Letter from Sahana’s Mark Prutsalis

Heather and Noel– First and foremost:  Thank you! Your shared vision, passion and energy made CrisisCommons a sustainable force for good in the world.  We will all miss your active leadership in the CrisisCommons community.  I know you will be incredibly successful at whatever you decide to apply yourself to in life. I wanted to share with the […]

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Thank You, Heather!

CrisisCommons would like to thank Heather Blanchard for her vision and commitment to the organization. She has been instrumental in building the organization from its inception to the global network it has become. We wish her the best in her academic endeavours and assure the community that the goals and ambitions of CrisisCommons will continue […]

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