CrisisCommons taking part in bi-national experiment

CrisisCommons is collaborating with other volunteer technical communities, NGOs and official agencies on both sides of the US-Canada border as part of the Digital Volunteer-Supported Recovery Operations Experiment or DVSROE (#dvsroe on twitter).  The DVSROE is focused on supporting response and recovery efforts on the East Coast seaboard following a simulated hurricane. It will run […]

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Active Philippines Response Digital Volunteer Projects

If you’re looking for a way to help with the situation in the Philippines, below are a few active projects that have been requested by the official response to the typhoon. If you know of any other active digital volunteering projects please email the author and we’ll update this post: Stand By Taskforce has been […]

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Great interviews on crowdsourcing and collaboration

A great episode of the TED Radio Hour program on NPR in the US is now available. It features key pioneers of crowdsourcing and other thinkers on online collaboration, who express their views about the world-changing aspect of technology. Here’s a link to the original blog post:  and to the podcast of the radio show: . […]

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Showcasing the role of social media and digital volunteers in the response to Superstorm Sandy

The members of the Department of Homeland Ssecurity’s Virtual Social Media Working Group and First Responders Group recently issued a very comprehensive review of the use of digital and mobile technologies in the response to Sandy. The document highlights the growing role of social media by official agencies for communications and situational awareness but also […]

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Uniting technology and crowdsourcing to prevent human rights abuses and genocide

CrisisCommons is proud to highlight the launch of a new online resource by the team behind The Sentinel Project For Genocide Prevention. The online course, called Introduction to Technology for Human Rights ( ) begins on June 10. It has been designed with activists, scholars, human rights defenders, development professionals, and journalists in mind. The course is also all-online and modestly priced so […]

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Wiki detour ahead!

The Wiki is back up! It’s in a read only mode (think of a construction zone) for now as we continue to work on it, but you can access the information.  If you have a link for the wiki, please change the .org to .eu (It’s part of the temporary fix) and it should take […]

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Apologies… our wiki is down.

CrisisCommons is working on improving its online properties. To that end, our wiki page is undergoing maintenance. We’re working as fast as we can to restore it and looking forward to your input and future collaborations with our partners.

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CrisisCommons Wiki undergoing maintenance

We’re sorry to say that it’s that time again! Our wiki is currently undergoing maintenance. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. It will be back as soon as we can make it happen. Stay tuned! .

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Sandy CrisisCamp

Do you want to help with Sandy response? Come design, code, and learn with other people this weekend at a CrisisCamp! (check out the wiki page for collaboration) Here’s how you can get involved if you are a: Volunteer that can attend in person: If you would like to attend a CrisisCamp in person, please […]

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The Humanitarian Toolbox

Strong partnerships, a new era for humanitarian assistance. CrisisCommons is among a group of Volunteer Technical Communities (VTCs) and others who have joined forces to launch a new initiative to bringing together the expertise and good will of software developers and the passion and knowledge of those working in humanitarian assistance. NetHope, GeeksWithoutBounds and CrisisCommons, […]

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