The Humanitarian Toolbox

Strong partnerships, a new era for humanitarian assistance.

CrisisCommons is among a group of Volunteer Technical Communities (VTCs) and others who have joined forces to launch a new initiative to bringing together the expertise and good will of software developers and the passion and knowledge of those working in humanitarian assistance.

NetHope, GeeksWithoutBounds and CrisisCommons, supported by Microsoft and DotNetRocks, are behind the launch of the Humanitarian Toolbox. The initiative intends to create synergies for the common good.

Microsoft is playing a key role in support of the Humanitarian Toolbox by offering its Team Foundation Services as the technical platform. All of us realize that our world is increasingly coming closer together as new technologies bring testimonies of despair and tragedy to the entire globe.

We are here because we care and know we can make a difference. We also believe collaboration is at the heart of assistance during a disaster.

The Humanitarian Toolbox is the latest illustration of this principle.

More details on this initiative is available in the news section of The Humanitarian Toolbox or listen to the .NETRocks! podcast . We, at CrisisCommons, feel privileged to be among its early supporters.

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