Interim Management Team meets in Toronto

The acting CrisisCommons management team gathered in Toronto last week to start building a roadmap for the future of the organization. Facilitated by Robin White of the Meridian Institute and attended by nine CrisisCommons volunteers, the discussion ranged from mission statements, governance, potential partnerships, and incorporation. In attendance were Andrew Turner, Deborah Shaddon, Chad Catacchio, Jacob Greer, Pascal Schuback, Chris “Spike” Foote, Brian Chick, David Black and Patrice Cloutier.

Hosted by David Black and the University of Toronto, representatives came from all over the U.S. and even Europe for the two-day event. Workgroup leads presented their reports, along with goals and plans on how each committee should move forward. After some discussion, plans were finalized and committments were made.

Perhaps the most important part of the discussion was the current status of the incorporation process. CrisisCommons has been an ad-hock network of volunteers for nearly three years now, and it became obvious that a legal entity of some sort must be created. Pascal Schuback took the lead on that and has been dealing with a lawyer provided by the Woodrow Wilson Center to help us through the process of becoming a non-profit corporation.  Soon, when the paperwork is complete, some members present at this meeting will become the first board of directors for the incorporated CrisisCommons.

More details will follow, but please don’t hesitate to contact anybody who attended for more details.

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