CrisisCamp Italia and the exploration of social media in emergency management (SMEM)

Our Italian colleagues are holding their second CrisisCamp in Bologna on March 17, 2012. The day will be marked by an exploration of the growing trend toward the use of social media in emergency management. The SMEM community is nothing new for CrisisCommons as we have sponsored and organized many meetings on this topic in the last couple of years.

Francesco Ciriaci, a co-founder of CrisisCamp Italia explains the reasons behind the March 17 gathering:

In the past weeks we all witness the emergecies occured in Italy: the earthquake and the snow. The web is actually playing an important role in the exchange of information, and Twitter is becoming an acknowledged source of information, also for the talk shows and tv news.

Crisis Camp Italia is organizing a one-day camp to discuss operational proposals on how to use Twitter and social media to propagate information about risks, and emergency.
We are aiming to collaboratively define a one-page poster explaining the very basics of SMEM to citizens: the do (and don’ts) of social media in emergency and promote it in Italy.
Registration is open and free:
(event will be in Italian, only, with live Tweeting in italian and english.
Francesco and his team are looking into how to put together resources for citizens on “emerging practices” in the use of social media during disasters. The Australian Emergency2.0 wiki project is being looked upon as a good example. We will work with Francesco and our Italian colleagues (and others from Europe) to help make that meeting a success.

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