CrisisCommons Interim Management Team…

CrisisCommons has a new Interim Management Team. We are entering a new era of consolidation and outreach to volunteers across the globe. We will focus our attention in the next few months on strengthening our relationships with all of you involved in crisis camps and VTC activities.

Our aim is to build on the successes we have achieved collectively by ensuring that those who provide support and leadership during crises and emergencies have a voice in the discussions concerning the future of CrisisCommons. The new Interim Management Team counts on your feedback to set strategic objectives and ensure that this organization remains at the forefront of crowdsourcing and crisis mapping activities in disasters and crises around the world.

Infrastructure                    Deborah Shaddon, Chris Foote

Community                        Chad Catacchio, Jacob Greer

Governance                       David Black, Pascal Schuback

Communications              Patrice Cloutier, Brian Chick

Projects                               Sara Farmer, Monika Adamczyk

Founders                            Andrew Turner


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