7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey – CrisisCommons monitoring situation

A few hours ago a 7.2 earthquake hit eastern Turkey 16km from the city of Van according to the USGS. According to both CNN (video below) and the AP, there appears to be significant damage. Here is a live stream from Turkish television on the quake.

CrisisCommons is currently monitoring the situation and is open to requests for assistance from response organizations. If you would like to request assistance from CrisisCommons, please email Heather Blanchard at heather@crisiscommons.org.

You can see our current activities on the VAN Turkey Earthquake Wiki page. If you wish to volunteer to help monitor the developing situation in Turkey, please fill out our Volunteer Form. Also, you can join our Google Group to receive email updates and also follow us on Twitter @CrisisCommons and @CrisisCamp and via our Facebook Page.

We will continue to provide updates as our situational awareness increases.

Al Jazeera reports from earthquake-hit Turkey


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