Movin’ Right Along: CrisisCamper Tour Kicks Off

Yes! That is right, the dream is real! Pascal and his team did it! At this very moment, Pascal (@schuback) driving the CrisisCamper to San Francisco to kick off the 2011 CrisisCamper Tour!

Be sure to join Pascal and his merry band of Electric Mayhem as they travel from San Francisco to New Orleans sharing how collaborative communities, social media, open data and engagement can help communities prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate against disaster.

We hope you can come out all the events along the way! You can follow the CrisisCamper Tour via Twitter @crisiscamper

If you want to get in touch with the CrisisCamper email Pascal at pascal (at) or give him a shout on Twitter @schuback

About Heather Blanchard

Heather Blanchard is a co-founder of CrisisCommons and CrisisCamp.

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