Hurricane Irene After Action Underway

Hurricane Irene Recovery Map

Over the last few days volunteers from across the technology volunteer helped combine efforts to support the Irene Recovery Map as created by Aaron Huslage. As of Tuesday evening updating and reporting of the map have discontinued and after action reporting has begun.

CrisisCommons is happy to see that Patrice Cloutier, Sara Estes Cohen and Kim Stephens (of iDisaster Blog who has already shared a few lessons from Hurricane Irene) to help develop an immediate after action review. These efforts will focus on 1) What Happened 2) What Went Well 3) What Was a Challenge and 4) Recommendations for future learnings and improvement.

If you participated in the project please indicate your call preference time here on this Doodle (use your email as your name) and besure to take the After Action Survey!

The AAR group will be collecting the notes from conference calls (See Call 1, Call 2Call 3) and the “Hot Wash” after action review conference call to be scheduled for later this weekend, archived Skype Chats and the product data itself. These findings are helpful to begin exploring how technology volunteer communities can improve and point to guidance which is created by experience of past efforts. Also it’s super helpful to provide developers of Ushahidi what works great and where there could be improvements.

During this effort a few highlights just from the conference calls on collaboration highlighted the sharing across groups, the large area of impact that a map had to work with and a fix which takes Tweak the Tweet data into the Ushahidi system. Additional learnings will be shared here as they become available.

Great work everyone who participated! Including collaboration and support we love to provide to our partners at Humanity Road, Crisismappers, Standby Taskforce, Ushahidi, Geeks without Bounds and GIS Corps.


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