Monitoring 6.3 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand – Updated

CrisisCommons is currently coordinating our efforts over Skype, on our a dedicated Wiki page and along with Ushahidi reporting on the situation at

There has been a major aftershock / earthquake in New Zealand centered near Canterbury / Christchurch, which suffered a devastating 7.0 earthquake in September 2010.The USGS has the quake at 6.3 (the Australian Geosciences website had an initial report of 6.6 and some people from the ground – via Twitter – speculated it was as powerful as 8.0) with a 4km depth and 5km from the center of Christchurch.

LIVE AUDIO stream of eyewitnesses calling into an Auckland radio station.

Live Video News Stream of events in New Zealand

Many people on Twitter in the area are saying that the quake was “massive” and sustained, with people in Wellington and Dunedin feeling the shock. We are monitoring the situation on Twitter and will update this post as new information comes in.

Update #1: There has been some tweets that mention that phone communication is down in the area, but we have not seen any official confirmation of this yet.

Update #2: Pictures are starting  to surface, as well as widespread damage – here is one image from Twitpic: and damage to Christchurch Cathedral

Update #3: More links to reported pictures of damage:

Update #4: Video below of a landslide taken during the quake outside of Christchurch (video embedding was disabled, go here to view)

Update #5: A crowd source map has been created by a couple of CrisisCamp cities in support of this event.  There is approximately 15 people supporting this map.  There are two coordinators to this map, Chad Catacchio & Heather Lessen.  The map is located here


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