Geeks without Bounds Hack-a-thon

Our friends over at Geeks without Bounds are holding a weekend hack-a-thon. There are great prizes up for grabs. Plus, you can contribute to great open source projects like Ushahidi, Crowdmap and Sahana.

Geeks without Bounds is running a hack-a-thon on October 9/10, 2010.

I met up with Geeks without Bounds‘ Johnny Diggz at the International Conference of Crisis Mapping. We talked about his event and I promptly introduced him to some of the attending Open Source communities: Sahana, OpenStreetMap, Ushahidi/Crowdmap, Swift River, and Frontline SMS. (See my previous post on how you can help the various volunteer technical communities.)

The GWB event includes amazing prizes: cash, ipads, and more. But to win, you need to:Register and participate.

Thanks Johnny and good luck with the event!

(post by Heather Leson)


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