Global CrisisCamp Day – September 25, 2010

Global CrisisCamp Day will be hosted by CrisisCamp communities in London, Toronto, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Bogota and Calgary on September 25, 2010 to encourage people to lead CrisisCamps and volunteer their expertise and skills at CrisisCamp events to create innovative approaches, resources and tools for crisis response and global development.

Global CrisisCamp Day activities will include training new volunteers on open tools such as Ushahidi’s Crowdmap, OpenStreetMap and CrisisWiki as well as inventorying existing resources and the development of training tools to build the first CrisisCamp-In-A-Box toolkit to be released in early January 2011. The CrisisCamp community aims to provide new CrisisCamp organizers with mentorship, tools and tips on how to organize a CrisisCamp, training materials on open technology tools, lessons learned from past CrisisCamp events and a toolkit for the development of technology prototypes.

To register to participate in the Global CrisisCamp Day register today at:

CrisisCamp encourages virtual participation. To register to participate virtually please register today.

CrisisCamp communities have been active in the response to the Haiti and Chilean earthquakes and the Pakistan Floods. CrisisCamp events have encouraged participants to support well established efforts such as Ushahidi and OpenStreetMap as well as the development of new tools such as Tradui, a mobile Kreyol translation or problem solving such as a solution to extend of long distance Wi-Fi in Port au Prince to crisis response organizations operating on the ground.

The World Bank will provide Global CrisisCamp Day with a set of problem definitions for volunteers to explore ideas and provide innovative approaches to challenges related to flooding in Pakistan. Anyone can participate. Written and video submissions are welcome. Problem definitions will be released prior to the events on the CrisisCommons wiki.

If you are interested in becoming a CrisisCamp organizer or are interested in the development of a CrisisCamp in your area let us know by connecting with Heather Leson at heatherleson (at)

Follow us on Twitter @CrisisCamp or join our Google group.


CrisisCamp a global network of hybrid barcamp/hackathon events which bring together people and communities who innovate crisis response and global development through technology tools, expertise and problem solving. Since 2009, CrisisCamp volunteers have created crisis response and learning events in over 10 countries with volunteers of all backgrounds who collaborate in an open environment to aggregate crisis data, develop prototype tools and train people on how to use technology tools and problem solving to aid in crisis response and global development.

CrisisCommons, borne from the CrisisCamp movement, is a concept that is being explored to define how a commons-based approach can provide long term sustainability for the CrisisCamp community as well as other volunteer technology communities and support shared knowledge, collaborative tools, open development, project management and data to crisis response organizations in civil incident management and global development as well as leverage capabilities and capacities of academia and private sector.

The founders of CrisisCamp partnered in early 2010 with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars under a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to explore a commons-based approach with the CrisisCamp community as well as other volunteer technology communities, crisis response organizations, academia and the private sector. Results of this work will be available on in late October 2010.

About Heather Blanchard

Heather Blanchard is a co-founder of CrisisCommons and CrisisCamp.

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