CrisisCamp Bangkok and Mid-marathon update

CrisisCamp Bangkok had their first CrisisCamp as part of our Global Marathon for Pakistan (Pkfloods).

After they met the CrisisCamp community on IRC, folks created some CrisisCamp Bangkok social media spaces (Facebook and LinkedIn) to help build their community.

Here’s some of the great work they did with our volunteer technical community partners:

* Don removed 25+ duplicate locations from Sahana.
* Gordon developed a tool to extract Lat Long for Locations.
* Suwanee entered 30 Latitude and Longitude coordinates.


* A representative for the Pakistani Embassy for Thailand stopped by for a visit.
* Andrew and Ar-phanee talked with Michael about integrating Sahana with the courses at Siam Institute of Technology.

Special Thanks go to Michael and Gordon on facilitating and coordinating people during the event and a very nice coffee supplied by Khun Sander.

Pongvit Siribovornkiat, the CrisisCamp Bangkok organizer, and Barbara Ratusznik (World Bank, Papua New Guinea), Sara Farmer (CrisisCamp London) and I started building out CrisisCamp Bangkok 4 days ago. Amazing to watch it grow and have a Camp that fast. Great stuff and welcome to the community! See the CrisisCamp Bangkok wiki summary page.

CrisisCamp Mid-Marathon report

Toronto, London, Bangkok, Silicon Valley and most of the virtual team are done their camps for the weekend. You can find us on Freenode at #crisiscamp. Sydney continues for a second day in a few hours. Here is the fantastic CrisisCamplog that Deborah Shaddon created. She will be writing up a global summary tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all our volunteer technical community support from OpenStreetMap, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Crowdmap/Pakreport team, Humanity Road team for sharing their knowledge. We are so happy to contribute to your projects. Thanks to all the CrisisCommons folks who had joined in camps or virtually. Also thanks to Mozilla for providing sponsorship for Sydney and Silicon Valley CrisisCamps. And, thanks to all our other supporters: locations, food, and, most of all, the folks who volunteered their time.

(Post by Heather Leson)


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