CrisisCommons Roundtable Series + First International CrisisCongress

This is a big week for our community. Thursday and Friday will be the first time when CrisisCamp city leads from around the world will come together in person to discuss lessons learned from CrisisCamp Haiti And CrisisCamp Chile response efforts as well as exploration of the development of our Commons community.

CrisisCommons Roundtable Series

On Thursday, July 15 the CrisisCommons community and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars are hosting, with generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a series of roundtables with our friends in the crisis response community who are part of crisis response organization (nongovernmental organizations or non profits), members of the private sector and part of the academic community. During these roundtables Allen Gunn from Aspiration Tech, supported by the Mozilla Foundation, will facilitate these roundtable to provide input from these communities which will inform the development of the CrisisCamp Haiti & CrisisCamp Chile After Action Report due for release in the fall of 2010.

To sign up for the CrisisCommons roundtable series please click here:  NGO/Nonprofit Roundtable, Private Sector Roundtable, Academic Consortium Roundtable. If you a member of these communities and cannot be here we welcome you to provide written feedback or suggestions on our wiki here and participate via webcast.

Roundtable Webcasts:

First International CrisisCongress

On Friday, July 16th, 2010, the CrisisCommons community with generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the World Bank will host the First International CrisisCongress at the World Bank headquarters located at 1818 H Street, NW in Washington DC. This forum will explore lessons learned from CrisisCamp Haiti and CrisisCamp Chile and the opportunities and challenges of building a sustainable volunteer community whose mission is to use technology tools and expertise to aid communities in crisis.

Congress participants will be encouraged to provide their input and perspectives for incorporation for the upcoming CrisisCommons CrisisCamp Haiti/CrisisCamp Chile After Action Report and the 2010 – 2013 CrisisCommons RoadMap. These documents will be available this fall via at To contribute to the Haiti/Chile After Action report on the wiki, please click here.

There are a small number of tickets left to attend the International CrisisCongress in person. To register to attend please click here. To attend virtually please click to the Congress webcast beginning at 8:30AM EDT (mms:// .

It Takes A Village

Our community would like to thank the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for their generous support of these events, especially the travel grants for the CrisisCamp city leads. We have the deepest gratitude for the continued support of the World Bank, especially their Latin America and the East Asia and Pacific Disaster Risk Management teams for providing convening space, delicious meals and the closing reception, Wi-Fi and event support. We are especially grateful to the Mozilla Foundation for answering our plea for a rock star facilitator, Allen Gunn from Aspiration Tech. He knows open communities and we are very thankful for his time this week. Ten snaps go to Heather Leson, CrisisCamp Toronto lead who made that happen.

Many thanks and good karma points go to Todd Kuiken, Patrick Polis, Galen Evans, Brad Lyons, Jasmin Phua and Chiara Lucchini Gilera for all of their hard work on these events behind the scenes to make the magic happen. We are very thankful for Paula Olsiewski, Stu Gill, Zeeshan Suhail, David Rejeski and Chelsea Novak for their continued guidance, support and encouragement of our community and efforts such as these to bring people together to foster understanding and community building.

A extra special shout out goes to Deborah Shaddon our fearless leader of CrisisCamp Chicago who, in her craftiness and fortitude created the very first CrisisCommons t-shirt for the Congress. Its a special CrisisCongress edition. Thank you so much for thinking we need t-shirts (we did), getting a design together and getting the shirts to Washington. Thanks Deborah!

Most importantly, we want to thank all of the volunteer ninjas who are traveling from near and far to participate in these events – both virtually and in person. We know you are putting your lives on hold, taking vacation time, braving the DC humidity to gather together here in Washington DC.

To everyone out there who took time to participate in CrisisCamp (sometimes not one time, but every week!) and for all who are apart of our community via the Interwebs, our deepest thanks and a reminder that this is just the beginning!!


PS: Here are some great videos from CrisisCamp:

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