Geeks without Borders: Crisis Camp spreads around the globe

As the main Crisis Commons blog shared yesterday, Crisis Camp expanded to 12 cities in its second week, with locations around the globe. Today, there will be volunteers working in United States, UK, Canada and Colombia.

As projects expand and go live, this movement could be called “geeks without borders,” to riff on the extraordinary work done by Doctors without Borders and Reporters without Borders. Around the world, developers, GIS engineers, online media professionals and volunteers are collaborating on information technology projects in support of disaster relief for post-earthquake Haiti.

Two projects are already live:

Tradui: As Brady Forrest wrote at O’Reilly, this free offline dictionaryconverts Creole to English and vice-versa. “The data came from the HaitiSurf Creole to English Dictionary. It was built by Intridea and came out of Crisis Camp DC. It was released to the Android market on 1/19.” – this is a “craigslist” for exchanges of tech, services or other needs for NGOs. “It’s a place where relief organizations can quickly post their most urgent needs and have them matched by generous donors during a time of crisis.” If you’d like to participate in the program, please let them know.

Much more to come: A list of ongoing projects is available at

Follow this livestream (archived) for kickoff in DC.

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