4 PM project manager checkpoint at Crisis Camp DC Haiti

At 4 PM, the project managers working in NPR’s offices at Crisis Camp DC came together to look at the day’s accomplishments. As was the case last weekend, there was a tremendous amount of energy, hard work and substantive movement forward on building useful technology for disaster response.

Crisis Wiki – settled into a site map. Ideas came in from Portland; excellent ideas but complex. Disaster mitigation will be added down the road (phase 2). Wireframes are in third draft, passed to dev team. People working in Portland. Focusing on pass off over next two hours, creating instructions for other cities.

Tech Aid – developed a form, up on the wiki. Explained how to post. Looking for a point person who is familiar with all of the existing projects (Noel Dickover nominated).

Open Street Map: Mostly mapping, looking at what Sahana is doing. Built a Open Street Map to Ushahidi bridge. Will move host from NPR eventually. Could Amazon host?

Mobile: Working with Colorado. Have a processs to get phrases from the phrasebook.

Machine Learning: Been able to generate over 60 megabytes of text-trainable corpus. Have a group of devs writing a small Web library.

Haitian Voices: framework up, with ability for admin to approve or delete stories. Iterating until the end of the day to improve design, add features

Long distance wifi: have a firmware build with the protocols needed. Need hardware to test it on before they can send down there. Doing further testing

Situational awareness: building requirements for a damage assessment platform. Have a taxonomy, need to translate it. Will finish documenting. Have a case study and visual that will go onto the wiki for how people can take the data and be channeled to actors.

Machine Translation: Moving forward, have been working on translator resources management. Have set up an online form where translators can register themselves. Automatic posting from to a Google Group. Picto-speak project moving forward well too.

Communications team: A Boston Globe interview and placement was secured, WeLoveDC ran a story (“Geeks Without Borders: Live From Inside DC’s Crisis Camp“), DCist is coming up, YouTube videos are up, the Crisis Commons Facebook page is up and running.

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