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CrisisCamp began as an idea for an event to bring together people ...


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remote groups of technically minded people, who are using their hi-tech skills to do good… One such organisation is CrisisCommons”


CrisisCommons has inspired a huge swath of people from various global communities to come together to help.”

– Mashable

“volunteers are gathering in cities around the world to help bolster relief groups and government first responders in a new way…”

– The New York Times

The group uses what’s called the BarCamp model, which allows conversations and projects to develop organically and without hard and fast agendas.”


a group established to cultivate such efforts and support emergency agencies worldwide.”

– USA Today

CrisisCamp’s goal is to gather topic experts, app developers and emergency first responders to create better technology and practices for crisis management and disaster relief.”

– ReadWriteWeb